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prayer warriors

"We are One in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord; and We pray that our Unity may now Be restored!"


-Hymn written by Peter Sholte, 1966 (hymn lyrics & video here)

Our Purpose as Prayer Warriors for God,  is to connect with our Almighty and Infinite Source of Power, Love, Wisdom and Supreme Intelligence to ignite the flame of  the Conquering Christ Consciousness in the hearts of all humanity. In doing so, we unite under the full armor of God for strength and protection as we offer ourselves up in complete service to our creator during the Great Harvest of God’s people…Ekballo! "Here am I, send me" Isaiah 6:8

our Mission is to come together as Brothers and Sisters, to bring forth a great Spiritual Awakening in each and every heart on Planet Earth and the Earth herself.  It is time to enter the age of enlightenment and peace that is upon us, so long as we use our free will to ask and command God, as he has commanded us to do.

Our Vision is to bring GOD’s Great Presence and Victory into manifest form within the hearts, minds, temples, and lives of all humanity (his precious children), and all the Earth.  

Our Credo  "...Let us walk among all people with the full realization that we exist to impart the joyous Light of Love to every soul.  This in reality is the greatest privilege.  For as we radiate that boundless Love of God to every soul, our souls thrill with the Holy Spirit; we also feel the love of God for all humanity. To feel and Know this is to feel and know the Conquering Christ in all humanity.  This endows us with the healing power and wisdom that Jesus is endowed with."

(for entire Credo, click here)

God has gifted each of us with our own individual path to becoming One with His Mighty I Am Presence within us. He has gifted ALL of humanity with Pillars on which to spark the flame of Divinity within our Inner Kingdom/s.  For the purposes of the Prayer Warriors, we hold steadfast to the Pillars of  prayer, meditation, & decrees (the spoken word).  


On this page, I give a little blurb about each of the 3 Pillars. I also give a sample format of our time together so you can know if Prayer Warriors is in alignment with your truth/s.  


God has commanded us to “literally” command him to fill us with his Glorious Presence, and to command his Perfect, Holy, Divine Will be done in us and on Earth.  This is the Highest of the High forms of Prayer, because our desire is in perfect alignment with God's Will.  

In order for God to come forth, he must hear our call and our deep desire for his Kingdom to Come. This is because of the gift of Free Will he so generously bestowed upon us.


Utilizing the power of our Free Will, and by the power of our Spoken Word (also a gift from GOD), we command God “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be done” in the name of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and in doing so, our faith will become knowing.  

Isaiah 45:11

"Thus saith the LORD,

the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker; Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me."

commanding God in prayer

- sample prayer 

In the name of Jesus the Christ, I command the light of God to expand in the hearts of all mankind, to restore the memory of their Divine inheritance and to fulfill their God- design!

-  from The Science of the Spoken Word, by Elizabeth Prophet



Psalms 46:10

"Be Still, and Know that I AM GOD!"

Meditation is the discipline of sitting in Silence to feel and know the Presence of the Living God  in the Temple of your Heart. Being Silent means silencing thoughts in your mind as much as in word.  


When we Silence our minds,  even just for a moment that moment is peaceful and full of joy.

The word "Breath" means Spirit. Connecting to your Breath in absolute silence is synonymous with connecting to the Great Spirit of God within you.

The saying "Thou Life that Beats my Heart" is not a metaphor but a very literal reality.  Without the Great Love Breath of the Almighty, our heart would not be beating and we would not be breathing. 


Here is where you can connect with the messages of the Almighty and feel the presence of His eternal peace and joy abound.

Yoga at Home

Kick off your own meditation practice, through our

Meditation Mastery course

"The Lord is in His Holy Temple - let all the worlds fall silent before him."

-from a ritual of opening


Job 22:28

"Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways."  

Decreeing is utilizing the Power of the Spoken Word to align our hearts and minds to God for specific purposes.

Decreeing has various uses and purposes.  At times, decrees are a one time proclamation made by God or ourselves to bring something into manifest form or existence. 

Decrees are also used as repetitious statements in conjunction with Imagery to re- program our minds to truth (after years of repeating messages of negative programing and lies, we can utilize the power decreeing to completely reprogram our minds and hearts). This is not mindless repetition of chants but a discipline of the mind.  There are specific ways to decree that connect you with Spirit on a deep level.


Decrees are used daily by many to draw in the Holy Spirit to  purifying and cleansing our hearts  minds, and soul of negative karmic energy and  old patterns that no longer serve us. 

Image by Davide Cantelli

Sample Decree

(one of my favorites)

"I AM the light of the heart, shining in the darkness of being; and changing all into the Golden Treasury of the mind of Christ.  I AM projecting my love out into the world, to erase all errors and to break down all barriers.  I AM the power of infinite love, amplifying itself, until it is victorious world without end."

entering the Prayer warrior sanctuary

As you embark on your journey to God-Realization, and as you seek a community of support who share your beliefs, I feel that transparency on my part might help pave the way for a more flowing and peaceful journey on your part.  In my effort to be transparent I've included a brief summary of the Prayer Warriors time together and the reasons and intentions back of what we do, so you can decide if Prayer Warriors is right for you.  If this makes your heart sing, we look forward to your Warrior presence!

First 5 minutes

Chat will be on and prayer requests can be made there

(you can also make requests via email to

Next 5-10 minutes

chat will be turned off and I will guide us into a meditation to connect our hearts and minds to GOD and to each other.

The guided meditation will lead us into 5 minutes of Sacred Silence (your own meditation).

Once we are 5-10 minutes into Sacred Silence meditation, I will begin in Prayer

you (Prayer Warriors) can be a great source of power and momentum to our prayers by continuously sending Infinite Love to all situations and people's being prayed for.  Visualize and Imagine God’s Victorious Miracle of Perfection coming out of each situation we pray for.

Prayer Sample/ Format 

To begin, I call upon the Beloved Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit  for its Mighty Presence, Protection and Blessings within our group and our sanctuary.   I call upon his grace and mercy to be bestowed on each and all of us.

We will pray for all of humanity's ascension (transcendence, awakening, enlightenment) in oneness with each other and GOD.


We pray for the purification and beautification of the Great Mother Earth and for God’s Perfect Holy Divine Will to be done on Earth and within each of us.


We pray  for God’s Perfect, Holy, Divine Will to be done throughout the world and in every nation, through our God-ordained world leaders, and we pray for the United States of America to unify once again under your Great name, I AM.*    

We  pray that God overturn the corruption within our political systems, the main stream media, social media, corporations (including corporate religions perpetuating the evil agenda under the guise of following God).  We pray for God to reveal  the Truth of each and every corrupt movement and their players to all humanity.  


We pray that every Truth regarding the pandemic and the agenda behind it be exposed into the Light for all to see.

We pray that all attempts to divide humanity be brought out into the open, and that their agenda work against them while humanity instead chooses unity.


We pray for every rock be unturned and all evil agendas be exposed in plain sight for the whole world to see, and that God's Divine Justice and Will be done.  We pray that all of humanity is awakened and eyes opened, that we may use our free will to choose the will of God based on truth and not  lies or mind control.  

We ask for Forgiveness for getting so comfortable that we sold our freedom and gave up our power to trust our media , movie stars, corporations and politicians to tell us what to believe under the guise of freedom.

We will be praying for other events going on in the world as they come up, and especially the millions of children being sex-trafficked, abused and sacrificed in rituals that never gets reported in our mainstream media and remains deliberately hidden underground.

We rejoice in God's Divine plan to set all humanity free from the bonds of darkness.  We rejoice knowing that God is always King of Kings and that no entity or entities can ever defeat God and His Divine plan. When it appears that all hope is lost is precisely the moment  we rejoice most in God and God's perfect plan, this is when our faith and knowingness is strongest.**

We pray that God continue to prepare each and every one of us to hurl us forth into the Great Harvest, to do his Holy Will through  each of us and all.  We thank him that we are alive to serve Truth and bring about the Golden Age of Enlightenment and peace in these historically amazing times.

 *regardless of political affiliation or feelings about the current leadership, history has shown us that God is always in charge and he will appoint and use whomever he pleases to fulfill his Divine plan, even when we don't see what he sees.   God wants us to trust him, not judge him. 


**As His Children, we are to be praying for His Perfect plan to be fulfilled through the God-ordained leaders of the world.  We are to be trusting/knowing that his plan is being fulfilled, we are to be rejoicing in the knowingness that his plan is perfect and will be fulfilled.  Our prayers give power, momentum, and speed to the fulfillment of God's perfect plan, Our faith gives us peace of mind and allows us to be in a state of joy and love which is the only state of mind and being that aligns us with God.

Prayer requests...

At this time, we offer up specific and special prayers for each and every one of your prayer requests.


While I’m praying out loud, you (Prayer Warriors) can be a great source of power and momentum to our prayers by continuously sending Infinite Love to each person and their request.  Visualize and imagine God’s Victorious Miracle of Perfection coming out of each situation we pray for (I realize I said this early, but this is truly where the power of our prayer comes from, your full mental presence and earnest participation).


The prayer will come to a close by giving thanks and acceptance for our answered prayers, and a closing decree to bring our prayers into manifest form on this earthly realm.  

 A new decree each week will be given to repeat daily until we meet again,  keeping our hearts in alignment with each other and God.


 The chat will be turned back on so we can send our love to each other, and send our praise and thanks to GOD Almighty! 

Post Prayer and Meditation

You will receive an email after each Prayer and Meditation with a list of the prayer requests so we can all continue to “give thanks” for what we know God has already done for us, and continue the Imagery of seeing the victorious achievement and perfection of each and every call made in our time together.  With this mindset, we allow the River of Life to flow to us and through us.

Included in the Prayer Warrior's emails you receive, will be this week's decree as well as uplifting messages, decrees, books, and music to keep your Sacred Fire ablaze within your heart!


Prayer Warriors is for you if...


  • You love God and are wanting a safe space to connect with others who also love God. 

  • You feel you are being called to God at this time in your life and don’t know where to start.

  • You are longing to feel the Holy Spirit alive in you!

  • You know there is more to God than what you have been told and want a fresh start in getting to know the Real and Living God.

  • You have specific issues in your life or the lives of loved ones that you desire to be prayed over.

  • You want to heal the earth and all humanity through the power of prayer and concentration (meditation).

  • You want to learn a new ways of thought, new ways of Prayer and new ways of seeing God..  Prayer that’s filled with joy, praise, love, wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • You want to uplift others and be uplifted in an environment of like-minded God-eans.

  • You would like to see and be part of the fulfillment of humanity’s perfection and ascension!


......your heart is singing by now

“United we Stand, Divided we Fall”


If there ever was a time to Unite, it is NOW!

If there was ever anything to Unite under, it is GOD!


We are in the midst of The Great Awakening!  

We are being called to wake-up to the Truth of who we are and why we are here.  


We are here to wake up to the fact that we are all ONE in GOD.

I look forward to your Warrior Presence 


(the Divine within me greets the Divine within You)


This Prayer and Meditation group itself was inspired by God.

All Glory and Honor be to GOD!

The name Prayer Warriors was inspired by my late Mother-in-law, Mary Wescott who was nicknamed the "Prayer Warrior" by her friends and family.  Thank you Mary for being a Warrior for God and for the presence of your eternal spirit!

May your Spirit always Soar!

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