Hello! My name is Jennifer &

Your Diamond is my Passion!

Your Diamond lies deep within your heart and is the key that unlocks your unique and greatest purpose in this life; one that brings bliss, peace and prosperity to your heart, mind and life.

I am blessed with the gift to see untapped powers that lie within you, and the skills to gracefully and effectively guide you on an intimate journey inside yourself.  It is here where you will meet and know the most Divine powerful Light within;


the one who knows exactly who you are, why you are here, and what your greatest desires and powers are.  

Here is where you will create intimacy with the True and Living GOD, within your Kingdom!

Bits and Pieces about me

ICF Certified Life, Relationship, Career and Executive Coach (Goal Imagery Institute)


​11 years successful entrepreneur of Health and Wellness business, San Francisco CA

( I give credit to much of my success to my own business coach at the time, Bill Ayers)

25 years as an Energy and Bodyworker 

(Honed my intuitive skills and healing gifts)

University of MN Graduate 1994

NCAA D-I Gymnast (ah, yes I learned the skill of disciplining my mind at the ripe age of 6)

BS. Kinesiology/Sociology

I am a God-ean. I live to serve and glorify The Almighty One!

I am a lover of Humanity and I hold the vision and knowingness of our Ascension as One in the One.

Songs of Praise

"I am happy and peaceful right now, so filled with God’s love. I have gentle tears in my eyes, I have so much love and appreciation for you and your connection to God, and how I was led to you for the exact way you can nurture, support and guide me, in a way I can hear.  I have a profound love to you.  You absolutely carry a Divine message, for me and I image others you touch.  Have a joyous day!"

-Sueanne Hoff, Client SMS

"I love how you’re constantly encouraging me to have a positive attitude.  Now whenever I catch myself being negative, I correct myself and try to turn it into a positive outlook. 😊 

Today was wonderful. I completely accomplished all of my big 3’s and did a very good job too. I am thinking of ways to be more productive and catching all kinds of little bad habits which I didn’t see before, and am now changing them as I realize what I’m doing. 

I would say basically every goal for today was accomplished… 

I’m still so excited about this new idea of surrendering everything to God and so so amazed and overjoyed at how it’s changing everything about me!

I’m climbing higher and higher and growing stronger and stronger, and more mature and for that I’m so thankful!"

-Chloe Peterson, Client SMS


 Ascend your Spirit, Life and Business 

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Peace Be With You