Prayer Warriors Credo

This Credo was taken from " The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East"
Vol. 5, pg. 147
written by Baird T. Spalding
I say this out loud everyday beginning with "God I Am united..." and ending with "...ceaseless wisdom."

"The Goal is God.  You can start your day with God by taking your first thought of God within your own form.  Let me say that the goal is established and always has been established. You are divine.  The Divine Image, God the Christ of God.  God men. God women.

Let me also state that there is no thing or no one to compel you to think of these things.  It must be a free will offering to your God-self:

God I am united with Universal Life and power and all of this strength is focused in my entire nature, making me so positive with God perfect energy that I send it out to every form, and I make it so positive that all may be transformed into harmony and perfection.  I know that they are all in accord with infinite life and God freedom and peace.


My mind is fully polarized with infinite Intelligent Wisdom.  Every faculty of my entire body find free expression though my mind and all humanity does express the same.

My heart is filled to overflowing with peace, love, and joy of the Conquering Christ.  I see in every face that conquering Christ. My heart is strong with God love and I know that it fills the heart of all humanity.  God life fully enriches my entire blood stream and fills my body with the purity of Divine Life.


God is all life.  I am inspired with life with every breath and my lungs take in life with every breath and it fills my blood stream with vitalizing life.


God my stomach is the digestive energy of intelligent and almighty life.  Every organ of my body is infused with health and harmony and my entire organism works in complete harmony.  


I know that all of my organs are infused with God Intelligence.  All are conscious of their duties and they work together for the health and harmony of my entire being.


God I am the energy that fills all space.  I am constantly drawing in this energy from all-pervading God life.  I know that God is that all-wise and loving Intelligence imparting to me the mighty God life and I realize the full dominion from God, the Indwelling Presence in my complete body form.


I praise God within for the healing perfection of life.  Allis life and I allow all life to come into expression. 


The conquering Christ says, “My words are Spirit and they are life” and “If a man keeps My Words, he will never see death.”


The Intelligent Christ, the Conquering Christ, sends forth abundance of love to the entire universe.


Supreme Mind is everything. I am Supreme Mind!

I Am Supreme Wisdom, Love and Power.  From the very depth of my heart I shout the glad thanksgiving that I Am this sublime and exhaustless Wisdom and I demand that I draw it to myself and become completely conscious of this ceaseless Wisdom.




Shout the glad tidings of joy that you are free, complete free from all limiting conditions. Then  KNOW that you are free and go forth triumphantly free!



Let us walk among all people with the full realization that we exist to impart the joyous Light of Love to every soul.  This in reality is the greatest privilege.  For as we radiate that boundless Love of God to every soul, our souls thrill with the Holy Spirit; we also feel the love of God for all humanity. To feel and Know this is to feel and know the Conquering Christ in all humanity.  This endows us with the healing power and wisdom that Jesus is endowed with."