"The decree is the most powerful of all applications to the Godhead. It is the command of the son or daughter of God made in the name of the I AM Presence and the Christ for the will of the Almighty to come into manifestation as above, so below. It is the means whereby the kingdom of God becomes a and now through the power of the spoken Word. It may be short or long and usually is marked by a formal preamble and a closing, or acceptance.”

The Science of The Spoken Word
Written by  Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
p. xx definitions of the spoken work

The Balm of Gilead


by a Pilgrim of Peace

Excerpt From: Prophet, Mark L. “The Science of the Spoken Word.”
p. 46

O love of God, immortal love,

Enfold all in thy ray;

Send compassion from above

To raise them all today!

In the fullness of thy power,

Shed thy glorious beams

Upon the earth and all thereon

Where life in shadow seems!

Let the light of God blaze forth

To cut men free from pain;

Raise them up and clothe them, God, 

With thy mighty I AM name!”


I Am Decree

Science of the Spoken Word
Mark L. Prophet,
p. 143

“O mighty Presence of God “I AM”

  in and behind the Sun:

I welcome thy light, which floods all the earth—

Into my life, into my mind, into my spirit,

  into my soul!

Radiate and blaze forth thy light!

Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!

Charge me with the great clearness

  of thy white-fire radiance!

I am thy child, and each day I shall become

  more of thy manifestation!


The Shadowless Light

By Beloved Jesus

O thou Glorious, Shadowless Light of Eternity! Thou Mighty I AM Presence! Thou Light as of a thousand Suns! Descend, descend, descend into Earth, in such Dazzling Splendor and Power, that all absorb Thy Beauty and Perfection! Thou art All in All, Thou Infinite I AM Presence of Eternal Blazing Light! Thou art the full and only Authority for all mankind throughout the Earth forever! Reveal Thyself everywhere! Release Ascended Master Power without limit NOW, and flood this Earth with Mighty Miracles of Perfection in all activities!

Bring to pass the Eternal Victories of the ages! Let every human being on Earth see and feel the Almightiness of Thy Light, in such an onrush of thy Glorious Presence, that all become the Fullness of Thyself, Thy Joy, Thy Freedom, and Thy Love forever.


Thou Beloved Shadowless Light of the Mighty I AM Presence! Thou art the Great Treasure House of the Universe! Let Thy Limitless Gifts of every Good thing pour out upon the Earth their Mighty Blessings and Happiness for all mankind, that a Great Song of Praise may burst forth from the heart of humanity, in Eternal Gratitude for Thy Splendor poured out to all!

Let Thy Pure Love ow forth from the Heart of the Secret Love Star and drench the Earth with that Golden-Pink Liquid Light that bathes all in Thy Ecstasy and Glory! Let the full Ocean of Thy Supreme Joy overwhelm this world and make of it a Brilliant Sun of Everlasting, All- Powerful, Limitless Light that casts no shadow; and in which only the Blazing Glory of Thy Absolute God Perfection can forever dwell.

Thou Adorable Presence of All-Pervading Infinite Light from out the Great Central Sun, we call unto Thee to bless us with the FULLNESS of Thyself and hold us safely within y Mighty Diamond Heart forever.

We love thee, we adore thee, we bless thee, we accept Thee, we acknowledge Thee, we feel Thee, we praise Thee, we worship Thee, ThouMighty I AM Presence! — the Eternal All-Enfolding Light! The Light of God that never, never, never, fails! I AM that Light, now and forever!