Yoga at Home

Create Your Kingdom Meditation

"The Lord is in His Holy Temple - let all the worlds fall silent before him."

-from a ritual of opening

Are you new to meditation or do you feel stuck in your meditation practice?


Would you like guidance in having a more intimate experience?

Would you like to reprogram old beliefs that might be blocking your meditation practice into fresh new ones, aligned with God's Truth for your life?

The greatest value in this meditation experience is the creative content tailored to you and your spiritual development.  The meditation is without music or video, as the focus is on BE-ing in that magical space of stillness and silence where you connect with God in your heart and the creative potential He blessed  you with.


Meditation Tailored To You

How Does It Work?

  • Gain clarity on your unique spiritual journey and potential; where you are currently, where you would like to be, and the blocks that keep you from crossing the river.  

  • A thought provoking questionnaire will set the compass for your journey

  • Meet with me to deepen the insights gained from the questionnaire and discover more about your potential and purpose (20 -30 minute zoom call)

  • As I discover your true essence through your answers to the questions and our meeting (as well as through prayer), I will be guided in creating a meditation that will align your beliefs, thoughts and life- patterns with God's most glorious purpose for your life.  (approximately 30 minute meditation, which takes about 3-4 hours to get it Right)

  • The most profound part of this experience is your commitment to yourself to listening to your meditation with ear pods or headphones every night as you are falling asleep for at least a month for lasting transformation.


(The subconscious mind absorbs these transformative messages and the  imagery like a sponge. It will recognize them as your Truth and will start creating life experiences which line up with your truth, putting you in the flow of God).