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Prayer of Thanksgiving

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures VI,7: The revised and updated translation of sacred gnostic texts complete in one volume


Introduced by Jean Pierre Mahe, Translated by Marvin Meyer

The Prayer of Thanksgiving

P. 422

This prayer was used at different occasions; one being during the ritual of sun gazing, 


We thank you, 

Every soul and heart reaches out to you,

O name free of trouble,

Honored with the designation God,

Praised with the designation Father.

To all and all things

Come fatherly kindness and affection and love.

And if there is sweet and simple instruction,

It grants us mind, word, and knowledge:

Mind, that we may understand you,

Word, that we may interpret you,

Knowledge, that we may know you.

We are happy,

Enlightened by your knowledge.

We are happy.

You have taught us about yourself.

We are happy.

While we were in the body,

You have made us divine through your knowledge.


The Thanksgiving of one approaching you

Is this alone:

That we know you.

We have known you.

Womb of every creature,

We have known you.

Womb pregnant with the Father’s nature,

We have known you.

Eternal constancy of the Father who conceives.

So have we worshiped your goodness.

One favor we ask:

We wish to be sustained in knowledge.

One protection we desire:

That we not stumble in this life.

The Golden Flame of God

Resource: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East - Vol.5, p. 146

Written by Baird T. Spalding

The Chelas in India have a very beautiful prayer which you will note is not a beseeching prayer:

“I go forth this day in all things immersed wholly in God and God’s abundance.  The conquering Christ stands forth one with God’s abundance and in every activity of this day.  Now I know that I am God’s supreme child.  I move each moment of this day immersed in God and God’s Divine Love. God! God! God!


The Great Flame of love flows through every atom of my whole being.  I Am the pure Golden Flame of God.  I pour this Divine Flame through my physical body.  The Conquering Christ salutes you, God, my Father.  Peace! Peace! Peace! The Great Peace of God prevails.”


The I AM Lord's Prayer

By Beloved Jesus

My very own God Presence,

Eternal Source of my Being,

Holy and Sacred is Thy Name, I AM.

I AM Thy Kingdom come.

I AM Thy Will being done.

I AM on Earth, even as I AM in Heaven.

Thy Life is my Bread.

Thy Love, my Forgiveness,

Freely given to all.

Thy Light consumes every temptation.

Thy Presence dispels all evil conditions.

I AM transfigurations Kingdom

I AM resurrections power

I AM Ascensions Glory

All this IAM



Prayer for the Golden Age of Enlightenment & Peace

Excerpt From: Prophet, Mark L. “The Science of the Spoken Word.”

“In the name of Mother Mary, I command the Father-Mother God to produce an Ascended Jesus Christ miracle of perfection now made manifest in a golden age of enlightenment and peace!”


The Prayer of the Apostle Paul

Nag Hammadi Scriptures I,1

Written on the front flyleaf of Nag Hammadi Codex I


Introduced by Madeleine Scopello

Translated by Marvin Meyer

“…Grant me your [mercy].

[My] Redeemer, redeem me,

For I am yours;

I have come from [you].


You are [my] mind:

Bring me forth.

You are my treasury:

Open for me.

You [are] my fullness.

Accept me.

You are <my> rest.

Give me incomprehensible perfection.


I call upon you,

You who exist and preexisted,

In the name exalted above every name,

Through Jesus Christ,

[Lord] of lords,

King of the eternal realms.

Give me your gifts, with no regret,

Through the Son of Humanity,

The Spirit,

The Advocate of [truth].

Give me authority, [I] ask of you,

Give [healing] for my body, since I ask you

Though the preacher of the gospel,

And redeem my eternal enlightened soul and my spirit,

And disclose to my mind the firstborn of the fullness of grace.


Grant what eyes of angels have not [seen],

What ears of rulers have not heard,

And what has not arisen in the human heart,

Which became angelic,

Made in the image of the animate God

When it was formed in the beginning.

I have faith and hope.

And bestow upon me

Your beloved, chosen, blessed majesty,

The firstborn, the first-begotten,

The [wonderful ]mystery of your house.

[For] yours is power and glory and praise and greatness,

Forever and ever.




Prayer of the Apostle Paul


In peace.

Holy is Christ."

Suggested Daily Prayers

To Raise Belief Quotient in the Highest Power of the Universe and oneself:

written by Gil Doron, Remote Healer  of addictions (

“Highest Power of the Universe, raise me up each and every day to feel Your Love, to open to Your Love love, and to express Your Love through me in all I do”

Repeat this prayer again and again and again as needed until you are able to feel the Love energy pouring into every part of your being and into every cell of your body.

Highest Power of the Universe, be my partner in life each and every day, to keep me focused on Your love, receiving and giving, both to myself and to all those around me. 

“Highest Power of the Universe, partner with me in my life each and every day to keep me safe, to guide, heal, support, and inspire me to adhere to my path of recovery, and give me the strength to ignore all harmful temptations to pick up my old addictive substances each and every day.