Mysteries Revealed Book Club

How would you like access to hidden manuscripts recently discovered at the Dead Sea and in the Qumran Caves?

In this book club, you will be introduced to books, manuscripts and texts you may have never heard of, or only heard of but never had access to.


Together, we will read these manuscripts and share insights on how they may impact our metaphysical understanding of the Bible and our spiritual journeys.

The last four years I have discovered  a treasure chest of these books within Rick's (my husband) expansive library.


The profundity these books have had on my spiritual life has been transformational!  


My understanding of things I thought I would never understand has enlightened my entire world, not just intellectually, but spiritually, emotionally and physically.  


My entire perspective on life, this earth plane, and God has opened me up to receive infinite love, peace, joy, wisdom, power , and confidence  beyond what I ever thought possible.  



If you are seeking TRUTH about God and who  we are in relation to God, this book club is for you.  No indoctrination, no dogma, just simple Truths that will awaken you to who and what you are and will link all the missing pieces together.