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How to connect to your passions, purpose and deepest desires.

Updated: May 11, 2019

How do I know what my passions and deepest desires are?

To some people, their passions and deepest desires are a no brainer. For others, it’s a lifelong pursuit…like it was for me.

Let’s start by saying that I was born in Libra, so by nature I have many interests and a difficult time deciding on 1, ok let’s be honest, even 2 or 3 of them; so knowing my passions, purpose and deepest desires seems almost daunting!

Yes, Libra is part of who I am and maybe part of why it has been more difficult to find my true purpose, yet not a good enough reason to not search my highest self to discover the diamond deep within; for this, my friends' is the Philosophers Stone!

Think about the truly successful people who are authentically and uniquely creating their own path and live a truly amazing and abundant life? Who are these people? Is that who you want to be but think you don’t have anything to offer?

Sometimes our divine purpose, passion and desires in life are so obvious that many people never recognize them.

I’m here to tell you and all the successful, amazing people have already proven this great truth: The very thing you think is/was the greatest curse in your life, IS the first clue in discovering your uniquely divine purpose! The one that drives you to be your best self and help others do the same every single day of your life. The one that you can’t stop talking about and need to share with the world. We think our pain is just some BS someone did to us that caused us to not fulfill our dreams or to not even have dreams anymore.

Those truly successful people are all people who took their deepest wound, greatest pain or what they once believed to be a “curse”; looked it straight in the face and consciously decided to no longer be a victim to it, hereby taking control and turning their pain into their life’s passion and purpose and to help others who experience the same pain, the same mental, emotional, spiritual and physical prison and break free from it.

How? They consciously decided to change their thoughts and feelings into that of a winner rather than a victim. Our stories are strong because we tell them to ourselves and others everyday. We really believe the story of why we are not good enough…until we decide to change the story. Sometimes it seems that our thoughts and feeling have complete control over us but that’s just because we haven’t learned how or practiced taking control of our thoughts and feelings. Once you learn and practice, like anything else, you get good at it and become empowered. It’s the most empowering way to change every aspect of your entire life. It’s the most valuable tool we have been given in this entire world.

That greatest curse or pain is what you came here to overcome in order to arrive on the other side! What’s on the other side? Your bliss, your power, your success, your abundance, your whatever you want to create and experience in this life is yours when you get on the other side because fear is no longer protecting you from your power.

I WANT YOU to Go to your deepest pain, your biggest wound… Why? because when you face your pain and heal your wounds, you no longer live life protecting yourself from fear anymore. YOU WILL BE FREE….that’s why.

Free from the beliefs about yourself that kept you locked in your comfort zone where you have slowly become disenchanted with life, bored, uninspired, tired, wondering what the hell we are even doing here. Free from the chains that keep you from your power.

There are millions of people out there who are still on the pain side of life and need YOU to show them the way, to take their hand and guide them to where you are….the other side. Freedom, authenticity, power, success, prosperity, wisdom, truth, peace and Pure Love for yourself and humanity.

How can you show them unless you step out of your comfort zone and take the risk of facing your greatest curse, pain and wounds through your own eyes of love and compassion, not to coddle yourself but also not to judge, take responsibility for you, be your own healer. Your pain is your little child inside crying and wanting to be heard and healed, so don’t tell it angrily to “go away”; embrace it with love, ask it questions that will be loving and productive for it’s healing and transformation. Embrace like you would a scared child.

The transformation happens as we continue to take responsibility for our own wounds and their healing. Forgive and give blessings to where the wound came from. Realize that we are no longer feeling that original pain, we’re just protecting ourselves from a memory.

Do you want to carry that memory around forever and a reminder of why you can’t be successful and happy or do you want to turn it into your life purpose and live a joyful life?

I want to share with you my own story and the exact steps I took in a very beautiful and transformational process

I’m writing this today because I had a beautiful and enlightening meditation this morning. I have been setting my attention and intention on opening my throat chakra and coming into my authentic voice. For as long a s I remember, I have had a block of stuck energy in my throat and it constricts quite often. It feels like a constant lump in my throat. I’ve done lots of work on this over the years and there is still some releasing to be done.

Discovery today: I went to where that lump is in my throat, I sat there with it. I spoke to it “ thank you, I love you” over and over. I went to my heart chakra, felt love and joy, brought it back up to the lump. I ask the Question: Why do restrict your voice? I’m listening, you can tell me.

Answer: “I don’t want to express my needs or desires, or I won’t be loved. I will be too heavy, overbearing.” I immediately went to a memory of something my Dad told me in grade school: “Don’t be needy and demanding like your Mom or no one will want to stay with you” (full admission that I don’t remember the words exactly, but this is message I remember hearing). I took this very literal and decided that I would not have any needs and if I did I kept them to myself and dealt with them myself. I believed that if I express having needs, I may be too needy and a pain in the ass.

I discovered that my great curse or pain was not having space as a child to discover or explore my desires, my bliss or to really have any emotional needs. Instead, I was a tool to be used for my parents to manage they own emotional pain and marital problems. They were coming to me as a sounding board and even advice for as long as I remember.

This realization helped me to have compassion for myself and it also helped me take that old pain and turn it into my strength, my beauty, my power and set myself free.

What’s on the other side for me? I can now forgive and bless my parents for the divine gift they gave me rather than think of it as a curse or a wound I must protect. I now have the desire to help others with their relationships (first the one with themselves and then the one with each other and everyone else). I never wanted to help people with their relationships, even though I knew I was good at it. I have this energy that just seems to attract people coming to me with their relationship problems and I always have innate wisdom that helps them tremendously, but In my own world, the answer for me was to stay OUT of relationships! I felt used and angry about being so responsible for my parents’ damn happiness and now after years, I still don’t know who I am or what my desires are.

This is how I used to be in relationships; I gave up my own power to help whoever I was in a relationship with at the time, making their life happier and better all the while hiding my own problems and fears to the point I would always be wanting space from them just to not completely disconnect from myself. BTW, today I am in a marriage beyond what I ever imagined possible, and I am able to completely be myself, share my fears, my problems, have needs and desires and am completely supported regardless of the feelings I'm experiencing. I’m still working on myself for there are times when I find myself slipping into that victim girl again.

This was a deep pain but the more I unravel and forgive myself for not acknowledging my pain and for believing the lie that I don’t get to have needs and desires; the more joy I feel and the more I feel a passion for helping others who have lost their voice and still don’t have an idea what their desires are and are embarrassed to admit it because we judge ourselves into believing that we’re just lazy or that we’re not really special.

You know, and I know this is our victim playing mind games on us again to keep us from stepping into our power and divinity. Slap that victim mentality and stand in the truth that you are special, that the light of the divine lives in you, that you have a divine purpose and your are going to decide to step into that purpose hard and fast in this lifetime.

This is called the inner game because first you need to know what your pains are. I ,for one was a master of delusion. That I had no pain, no needs. Then why did I not have any passion for anything and why was I staying out of relationships and why was I not living a happy and prosperous life? Because I was AFRAID to face my pain. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my pain.

I'm here to help you with your inner game; to hold your hand, guide you into the places inside and connect with your wounds, heal your wounds and unlock the key to a life of passion, purpose, success, fulfillment, love and joy!

Ready to take action?

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