• Jennifer Wescott

Look inside to find your Passion, Purpose and Power

There is only ONE of You....EVER! You are so unique that there will never be a copy or clone of you. In all the eons of humanity there has never been nor will there ever be another YOU with your DNA, your fingerprint and your special Life-Purpose.

Isn’t that something AMAZING to ponder? We walk around in this life like there is nothing special about us. Giving our time, energy, intellect, and our hearts away to other people, other causes, other people’s dreams. We go to work everyday giving 8 hours of our life away to a job that does not fulfill our minds, hearts, much less our pocket books.

So many of us are now wondering what it’s all for? What’s the meaning of life, what’s my purpose, who am I and why am I really here? We spend our time running from our fears and believing the lies that we are not good enough to fulfill any silly dreams we had as a kid. We chase the values of consumerism, believing they will bring us happiness and fulfillment. What’s left when we leave this world? What mattered? How do people remember us when we die? We remember great Presidents for how they influenced people, we remember people who had purpose and courage to stand up for that purpose. Who believed in something beyond what they could see, who believed in the power of people, who believed in themselves in spite of their upbringing, conditions, etc....We cry when we witness other humans overcoming great obstacles, because they inspire us!

We all know this, so why is it that we believe only OTHER people find their power by overcoming their struggles, their fears, their pains and press on to accomplish their biggest dreams and desires; and by the way, they usually accomplish this by helping other humans overcome the same things they did.

If each of us is truly “one of a kind” in the history and future of mankind with a special path before us to our greatest selves, our greatest potential; why then do we accept mediocrity for ourselves?

We have this one life to live and we have no idea how much time we are given; why then are we not doing the things in life that we know make us great, makes us stand out even after we have left this earth? Because we have forgotten that we are special. We see people being born and dying everyday, it seems like nothing special but honestly who wants to be nothing special, especially when we know it is just our fears getting in the way, our low self worth, our victim mentality (or learned helplessness)?

Each of us has a very special and unique path destined for greatness if we are willing to look at our deepest wounds, our darkest fears and transform them into our greatest strengths, powers, creativity and wisdom. There is no use in looking outside yourself for advice to people you think are smarter than you. Advice is well intended but it is based on the assumption that “I know what’s best for you” and “you don’t”. Realize that you have all the wisdom inside of you to accomplish what you were meant to accomplish in this life and you just need someone to support you, inspire you to believe in yourself and tap into that wisdom that will consistently lead you to your greatest you.

These are the realizations that brought me to coaching. As I have faced and continue to face my own demons, fears, delusions and struggles in order to transform into my greatest self, I see coaching as the most powerful platform to truly lead humanity to their full potential. Coaching is a beautiful collaboration and Co-Creation with other trusted humans who view each of us as completely whole and equipped with all we need to discover our truest and highest path in life. Coaches are skillful listeners, guides, friends, confidants and cheerleaders who will challenge you and hold you accountable to discovering your inner wisdom, inner power and inner love that eventually blossoms into the most Joyful, Meaningful and Prosperous life possible.

Are you ready?

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