• Jennifer Wescott

LOVE is the best choice you could make

I started listening to this message from Tina Turner just over a year ago and I cried at least the first 20 times I listened to it. I listen to it many mornings just to get my mind and heart in the vibration of love. To remind me why we are on this earth and what our purpose is... To Love ourselves and to Love everyone and everything around us.

It's not alway easy to chose love, especially when we feel hurt and we carry that hurt around so that we remember to protect ourselves from PAST trauma's. WHAT happens when we carry our hurts around with us? We become internal victims and we relate to the world around us from the perspective of being a victim. If we subscribe to the belief that we are a victim, then are are only 2 other ways to relate to people, either as a perpetrator or a hero. It's a pyramid that's difficult to get out of unless we consciously choose love and empowerment for ourselves and others around us. When we choose to respond from a place of love in every situation, it means leaving the victim behind and it automatically raises the energy vibration of every relationship you have. That's a significant amount of power we have on the world around us just by choosing to believe a better story. If you don't come from the position of being a victim, then no one can be your PERPETRATOR and you aren't going around looking for a HERO. You are your own HERO!

There is no denying that many of us have been truly victimized in life and I'm not minimizing that. What I am suggesting is that by learning to let go of victim mentality, we re-create the types of relationship we have, most important, the one with yourself. THIS is the only true way to heal our own victims. Think of it this way...the human family is so connected that to say something limiting or negative about another person has the same effect as you saying it about yourself! Wow! I find that really powerful.We can't just go around encouraging and feeling sorry for the victim in all of us. It's degrading and disempowering to think that by changing laws and rules we help heal victimhood. Healing happens in our hearts and minds and starts with changing how we repeatedly think of ourselves.

If we will encourage and uplift each other, look beyond our own and others weaknesses and into the strengths of others. We have become powerless because we have focused on how we are all victims. The only victim is humanity if we continue to choose fear instead of love, to choose duality rather than unity, to choose victim instead of empowerment. We must lift others up in our minds if we are to uplift ourselves. Look for the best in others, look for the best in yourself. Love is a decision to vibrate at your highest in each moment. If you and I don't decide to LEAD WITH LOVE, who will? This is an invitation to you...

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