Image by Johannes Plenio

Powerful Prayers begin with you

How is Your Prayer Life?

  • Is your Prayer life unfulfilling?

  • Do you feel unworthy when you pray?

  • Do you fear that God doesn't hear you?

  • Do you feel like your prays are not  effective?

  • Are your prayers repetitious or lacking Spirit?

  • Do you feel guilty praying for yourself and like all you ever do is ask God to give you things?

how would you like...

  • Your life to be a living prayer that is filled with Joy? 

  • Your prayers to be more like talking to your best friend? 

  • To feel completely worthy, knowing your are HIS Supreme Child? 

  • To become more sensitive to God's voice and his promptings in your life? 

  • To have absolute clarity and confidence when you pray to God? 

  • To feel the Holy Spirit on you when you pray?

With Just a little guidance.....  

You can shift old thoughts and beliefs about God and prayer to be the most joyful and powerful relationship of your life.


It brings me great  joy to guide you into a beautiful new relationship and prayer life with God, regardless of your background or religious beliefs. 

I offer a Complimentary 60-minute Prayer-Coaching session that will transform how you pray and deepen your relationship 

with God.

To discover more about this complimentary "Power In Prayer" session, and to schedule your appointment, click the link below.