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6amPCT, 8am CST & 9am EST 

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"We are One in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord; and We pray that our Unity may now Be restored!"
-Hymn written by Peter Sholte, 1966 

Prayer Warriors is for you if...

  • You love God and are wanting a sanctuary to connect with others who also love God

  • You feel you are being called to God at this time in your life and don't know where to start.

  • You are weary of religious dogma and long to feel the Power of the Holy Spirit Alive in you!

  • You know there is more to God than what you have been told and want a fresh start in getting to know the Real and Living God that lives and breathes inside of you

  • You have specific issues in your life or the lives of loved ones that you desire to be prayed over

  • You want to invite the power of prayer and meditation into your life

  • You want to learn a new ways of thought, new ways of Prayer and new ways of seeing God. Prayer that is filled with joy, praise, love, wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit

  • You want to uplift others and be uplifted in an environment of like-minded God-eans

  • You would like to be part of the fulfillment of humanity's  and Mother earth's perfection and ascension!


The love story behind Prayer Warriors....

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Do you have a Prayer Request?

Even if you are unable to attend our Prayer Warrior gatherings, we invite you to submit any prayer requests you may have for yourself, for your business, friends, 

family, or for humanity as a whole.  


All Prayer requests will be added to our prayer gathering and you will receive a recording of our gathering.

Thank you for your Prayer Request!

Your space to grow and glow...


Mysteries Revealed Book Club

When you receive access to sacred hidden manuscripts recently discovered in the Dead Sea, Qumran Caves, and Nag Hammadi, you also receive access to the mysteries of The Divine that will forever transform you. 

In this special  book club, we will meet Bi-Monthly to share insights from chapter/s just read. You will meet other like-minded God-eans and give and receive spiritual  food for your continued growth!

Join the club

Thou Life That Beats My Heart