Stellar Business Starter -Kit

Get your Start-up Started!

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, a stellar strategy, and a supportive coach to launch your legacy.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true? 

Let's get started!

This 3 month intensive is the bubble where you build  a solid foundation to create  (or recreate) your business on. 

  • What does a solid foundation mean to you

  • How do you build it? and... 

  • Where do you start?

How can you know what you don't know?

These answers are not  found in books or classes because they live inside of you and are unique to you.

I 'm here to serve and coach you one-step-at-a-time as you create and launch the life and business your heart chooses (even if you don't know exactly what that is yet).



  • New Entrepreneurs wanting to create a successful business and life of infinite freedom

  • Already established Entrepreneurs wanting to transform or optimize their current business to be in alignment with their real-self, their purpose, and their power

  • Entrepreneurs who have become slaves to their business and have not found the freedom, happiness and success they dreamed of; you can tun this around!

  • This is truly intensive, and in order for this 3-month curriculum to stay on track, you must be willing, ready and able to go on a spiritual journey of  deep transformation



  • You will step out of your own way, out of procrastination, and feelings of "not good enough" and will hit the ground running living the life and business of your dreams with all the support you need to make it happen. 

  • You will step into the Best version of you, your life and business!

  • You will experience the fulfillment of your life- purpose and of your dreams coming true through extreme clarity, vision, purpose, strategy and confidence.


This is an intensive 3 months!  To give yourself the best experience, you will want to be in the right place at the right time, so to speak.  


You will want to dedicate up to an hour a day to the process.  You will want a clear mind without major distractions and you want to be in a place in your life that you know you are ready to dig deep inside, take responsibility for what you discover about yourself, and be open to deep transformation from the inside out.


Month one - The Deep Dive



Assessments, Quizzes, and Exercises will help you get crystal clear on your personality, values, passions, and your authentic, unfiltered dreams and even your version of success.  





Who is the real you behind all the beliefs you’ve accepted about yourself and how do you  shed those beliefs and live in alignment with the real you?


The real you is the you that is FREE from the internal programs that keep you in limiting thoughts and creative patterns.  

The internal voices that keep you a victim to yourself ,voices that you are not  yet aware of are going to reveal themselves to you.


You can’t clean a closet you’re afraid to look in



In this supportive and non-judgemental environment, you will uncover your deepest beliefs, thoughts and programming that keep you living in limiting and confining conditions.  


And on the other side of that, you will discover freedom in your mind, your heart and Spirit.  


This material world is built on polarity (duality), and therefore extremely limited potentials  


Your spirit is not of this world, and when you tap into the spirit world that you belong to, your potentials are infinite, and you will automatically drop beliefs that confine your spirit to polar opposites.

This process will bring to light an authentic new Image of yourself and vision of your life-purpose and how that creatively inspires your business.

With Freedom, Comes Joy; With Joy, Comes Freedom

Month Two - A New Lens

The transformation you make in the  Deep Dive will inspire a whole new perspective of yourself and your business through a new lens. 

Part 1: Refocusing the Lens


From this new lens, you will get crystal clear on your version of success, as well as your unique styles and strengths as an entrepreneur.


  • What Success means to you

  • Your natural leadership style and how to utilize that style for your greatest success

  • Your unique marketing style, skills and strengths

  • Your entrepreneurial strengths

Based on the insights you derive from these discoveries, we will design a blueprint for business success based on your natural strengths, style, and let’s not forget, your Joy-factor.  


When you are living in Joy, God is living in you!



Part 2: Deep Dive into the details


From the perspective of the real you, without limitations, you will create your ideal business based on your ideal life which includes identifying


  • Your business values

  • Your ideal client

  • Your ideal client persona (what results do they want and how will you help them get those  results?)

  • How will you find them?

  • How will they find you?

  • How you are going to build rapport with your ideal personas (how will they know, like and trust you)

  • Is all this in alignment with your REAL self?

Month Three - Creating and Giving REAL value

Part one: Create a Strategy, Take Action, and BE in the Flow



Based on all the new discoveries of yourself, your leadership and marketing style, your strengths and your joy-factor; in addition to who you want to serve and how you want to serve; 


We will collaboratively develop and implement a marketing strategy that will bring your ideal leads through the door by giving them results that are truly valuable to them. 


We will develop and implement a sales strategyand system that converts those leads into clients in such a genuine and natural way, that you won’t even know you are selling.


We will develop an authentic strategy that keeps your clients loyal and raving about you to others.


Part Two: Tangible Manifestations


You are now at the point where you have a physical and tangible manifestation of your foundation & Your ideal leads can now Try/Buy/Repeat/Refer


You will walk away with


  • Content for your website that is authentic and compelling to your ideal client (including keyword analysis)

  • An email campaign that converts leads to clients or patients

  • A social media strategy that reflects the real you and you will enjoy implementing

  • Your Core Offer

  • Your Try Offer

  • And your Buy Offer

  • Lead page/s or magnets to build your list and generate conversions

  • Bring them all together into a funnel that creates ongoing revenue streams and a constant flow of ideal clients

 Find out if the Stellar Business Starter-Kit is right for you,  schedule your complementary 45-minute synergy session with me to apply