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Stellar Business Book Club

Are you a do-it-yourself’er who likes to read yourself to success?


Join The Club!


Most entrepreneurs have a do-it-yourselfer spirit 

Often, this can throw us entrepreneurs into a frenzy over a list of books as high as the moon, and an uncertainty of where to begin, all leading to a state of paralysis.


With the Stellar Business Book Club you get to do-it-yourself without doing it by yourself.

Get the direction, support, accountability and have the FUN you need to successfully do-it-yourself.

The Stellar Business Book Club is for you if...


  • You want to find out if entrepreneurship is right for you before investing a bunch of time and money into your business idea

  • You’re already running a business, but it has become stagnant. You know you need to upgrade your skills and knowledge to take it to the next level.

  • You are ready to be an entrepreneur but are not sure the best path to take or which steps come first.

  • You are overwhelmed by the number of expensive programs out there, promising success.

  • You love the idea of having someone who’s “been there, done that” cherry pick books that have been most helpful and relevant to their entrepreneurial success, and in an order that makes business sense.


  • You love the idea of being held accountable to reading the books and having action steps every week that keep the needle moving toward launching your own successful business.


  • You love having the brain power, energy, support and resources of other entrepreneurs who are in the same place at the same time, all with unique gifts and skills to share.



What’s unique about the Stellar Business Book Club?



The Stellar Business Book Club is not just a book club, it is a monthly business mastermind moderated and structured by an experienced entrepreneur and business coach. It is a tight knit community of only 9 entrepreneurs who support, uplift and bring out the best in each other personally and professionally. 




What’s in it for you?


  • COACHING/ACTION STEPS/ ACCOUNTABILITY: You will receive business coaching each month as well as action steps and worksheets for the following month. By meeting monthly, you will have accountability for the monthly readings as well as action-steps that correlate with the recommended readings, designed to enhance your entrepreneurial acuity.



  • PODCAST: The Stellar Business Book Club will have a podcast that gives a review of the book we just read and its biggest take-aways.  You will have an opportunity to be interviewed on the podcast where you will give your 3 biggest take-aways and how the book changed your mindset and your business.  Occasionally we will have guest speakers who are experts in the topic at hand to provide deeper insights, advise and expertise.



  • TIGHT KNIT COMMUNITY: The Stellar Business Book Club is a tight knit community of only 9 entrepreneurs who support, uplift and bring out the best in each other personally and professionally. 


  • ONLINE SOCIAL PLATFORM: Our Linked In group creates a space for us to collaborate and inspire each other in between our virtual meetings.

  • CHERRY-PICKED BOOK SELECTIONS: The books you will be reading are books that, in my experience are books that hailed the most profound impact on myself and my coaching clients over the years. 


  • STRATEGIC PLAN: You will be reading books in the same order that you will be building your business from the ground up, step-by-step. 


Every third month you will vote on which book we will be reading that month


12 topics over the next 12 months:


  1. The Mindset of the Entrepreneur

  2. Discovering your passion and purpose

  3. Developing and knowing your Niche

  4. What’s your story, what’s your message?

  5. Creating copy and content

  6. Marketing and lead generation

  7. Creating your funnel; lead magnet—try offer—core offer

  8. Lead conversion, Sales strategies and sales mindset

  9. Organic /paid traffic, what’s best for you and when

  10. Email marketing campaigns that create long term growth (triggered and automated)

  11. Social media

  12. Establishing yourself as a leader



We don’t just send you a book or two every month and call it a club…


This is an interactive and engaging book club where you get to know real people, just like you who are living the entrepreneurial dream.




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